Franke Hot Water Dispenser LB200 Parts Details

‘Franke hot water dispensers LB200 parts’ becomes a pre-requisite if you own a Franke hot water dispenser with model no LB200 for replacing the old worn and torn out parts. In this article, details of couple of parts are mentioned.

Franke: HT200 Heating Tank and Connector for Little Butler

Inforamtion about this part is mentioned below-

Franke: The Little Butler Series LB1000 Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Details about this part is mentioned below-

  • Available finishes: The part is offered in wide variety and can be chosen according to your taste. The available finishes are -Chrome, ChromeNuBrass, White, WhiteNuBrass, Black, Biscuit, Winsdor Bronze, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin NickelNuBrass, and NuBrass.
  • Can be purchased from Amazon by logging onto the below mentioned link http://www.amazon.com/Franke-Little-Instant-Dispenser-Polished/dp/B0011YNF2O at the cost of  $227.00
  • This faucet can provide hot water up to 60 cups with a temperature of 190° per hour. Furthermore, the size of the hole for dispensing is 38 quot.

Franke hot water dispensers LB200 parts can be purchased and replaced for the old worn out parts.


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